Dear business partners and visitors,

27 years ago, we started our journey aiming to produce solutions that make a difference in the energy sector without compromising trade and engineering ethics.

While we were a newly established company, we were noticed in a short time with our style that appeals to both the logic and the emotions of the people.

We have been offering corporate material sales, auxiliary equipment production, turnkey solutions and many other complementary services to our customers both in domestic and export market.

Unlike many companies doing similar jobs in the energy sector, Vekmar Elektrik is beyond boasting with the size of its open and closed working areas, warehouses or balance sheet figures. For us, efficiency, service quality, worldwide service network and the sense of trust we give to our domestic and foreign partners is more important; while showing the utmost respect to all our competitors with universal values.

Our company is managed anonymously in a sector where the wind of innovation is constantly blowing, all decisions are taken by discussion and approved by consensus.

Our experienced teammates, who gives their best to the company, and the constant support of business partners have been the solid foundation of our growth and development.

In this industry where winning and being a leader is not easy, we will continue to struggle with our anti-fragile structure and increase the value perception of every institution we touch and every person we interact with.

Based on the fact that life can only be meaningful while striving for a purpose, we want it to be known that we will continue our never-ending struggle towards our goals with determination and that our desire to write new stories will never run out.