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Our distribution network, which has begun with the official dealerships of local and global brands since its first years, continues successfully with more than 14,000 customers and 24,000 sort of products today.

Vekmar Elektrik is the official distributor in Turkey for Schneider Electric, ABB Turkey, ABB (Hitachi) Spain, Eaton, Philips Lighting (Signify), Legrand Italy, LS Electric Korea, among other brands.

Over the years, Vekmar Elektrik has provided its valued customers with comprehensive packaged services. In this regard, Vekmar Elektrik has set up service and repair entities to certify the completion and proper maintenance of all turnkey projects, panel manufacturing and consulting in projects which Vekmar Elektrik has played a role.

The entities established by Vekmar Elektrik have had many successes, particularly in industrial installations, notably in the fields of port projects, bridges and highways, banking centers, commercial buildings and health centers.

Thanks to a young and dynamic team capable of taking quick decisions and actions, Vekmar Elektrik has become a global benchmark in the industry, notably in very prestigious projects in Turkey and in more than 89 countries around the world.

Vekmar Elektrik, whose mission is always to establish long-term relationships with its suppliers and customers, continues its journey without compromising ethics and business principles.

With over 28 years’ experience in the sector, our more than 66 experienced engineering staff continues to learn each day with the same excitement as in the early days with new technical and commercial insights.

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Thanks to our expertise in a wide range of areas from industrial facilities to commercial buildings, we provide you with the most suitable product / solution. Sharing common goals, Vekmar Elektrik family adds value to your business with its product and people oriented solutions.

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