Reactive Power Control Relays

Why Do We Need Reactive Power?

Nowadays, reactive power load in main grid systems is significantly increasing. Depending upon energy need, using of power transformers, transmission lines, generators, and electrical motors, lead to an increase in reactive power. That’s why controlling reactive power is important at the present time. Reactive power control relays also known as PFC (Power Factor Controllers) play an important role for power correction systems.

Many loads such as electrical motors, lighting ballasts and transformers require reactive power to provide and use magnetizing current. Therefore, utilities need to transmit active power in addition to reactive power to these types of loads.

What Is Reactive Power Control Relay?

To control reactive power, we need to use reactive power control relays together with capacitor banks. They are control relays that aid in the correction of the power factor (cosɸ) by deciding according to its set value by switching the capacitor banks in the circuit on or off. They monitor the power factor of the electrical circuit and try to match to its set value what is enough and necessary for the system.


How Is Power Factor Controlled by Reactive Power Control Relays?

Reactive power control relays continuously monitor the reactive power value (kVAr) and power factor value (cosɸ). Control is done by activating or deactivating capacitor banks when reactive power value (kVAr) is different than set value. If the circuit needs to increase power factor value, the relay will continue to add capacitor bank in parallel to the load until the power factor value reaches its set. You can also display some kind of electrical parameters such as power energy (kWh), current (A), voltage (V) on their screen in addition to the power factor correction.

How Should We Select Reactive Power Control Relay?

When selecting reactive power control relays, we should consider the number of capacitors. This is important to ensure that the relay must meet the number of capacitor banks. In addition, it should be easy to install, display and the menu bar should be useful and friendly. Also, features like the communication protocol, supply voltage range, having an automatic mode and the ability to save the parameters should be considered during the selection process.

VEKMAR stock and supplies these range of reactive power control relays. Reach out to us and our team can help you select the right PFC equipment for your upcoming projects.


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