Low Voltage Surge Arresters

What Are Low Voltage Surge Arresters?

Protection from lightning and instantaneous surge voltages has become very important for every facility. Especially in facilities such as factories, production stops due to instantaneous overvoltage impulse that causes serious equipment damages.

Surge arresters are used to protect electrical systems against overvoltage impulses. The function of surge arresters is to protect the circuit from instantaneous voltages very quickly.

How Does a Surge Arrester work?

    • It acts as an open circuit in normal operation and provides isolation between active circuit elements and ground.
    • When a voltage pulse occurs, it increases its impedance in nanoseconds, acts like a closed circuit and transmits the pulse current to the ground.
    • When the pulse is over, it returns to its original impedance and behaves like an open circuit again.


Types of Surge Arresters

Surge arrester types are basically divided into three, although they have different definitions. Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 (These definitions can also be referred to as Class B, Class C, Class D)

Type 1 surge arrester :

They are suitable for pre-meter use. They are designed for use at the origin of the electrical installation in the main switchboard for high-risk places. It has high protection capacity. It can discharge 50 kA current without any problem at voltages less than 2.5 kV.

Type 2 surge arrester:

They are located downstream from a Type 1 surge arrester in the main switchboard for protection against switching over-voltages. They are designed to discharge high currents to earth, preventing the spread of medium over-voltages.  Provided that it is less than 1.5 kV, it can discharge a current of 20 kA.

Type 3 surge arrester:

They are mostly installed as close as possible to the sensitive equipment they have to protect. This sensitive equipment could be computers, smart phones, gaming systems, and HDTVs etc. It can discharge 6 kA current without any problem at voltages less than 1 kV.

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Surge arresters are used in automation and communication lines, transformer inputs, main panels, lighting systems, CCTV, Camera, Fire alarm Systems, Renewable Energy Systems and automation and communication lines.

Surge arrester is a device that wears out over time. Each time an excessive voltage is placed on it, its life is shortened. We strongly recommend the use of low voltage surge arresters in electrical systems. Simple measures sometimes save lives.

VEKMAR supplies these range of surge arresters in stock quantities. We can help you for MCB equipment for your projects with our expert engineering team.

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