Cast Resin Transformers

What Are the Cast Resin Transformers?

Cast resin transformers, known as dry type power transformers have windings encased in epoxy resin. This makes the installation process easier because there isn’t cooling oil in their structure. In addition, they do not need to be contained in a fire-proof vault. The layer of epoxy helps protect it against dust and corrosion. Dry-type transformers can be installed indoors but if it is installed outdoors then, a protection cabin should be used with the transformer. Dry type transformers have wide usage areas. In distribution systems, cogeneration systems, rectifiers and can be used in traction applications.

How Do Transformers Work?

Transformers have several windings or coils of insulated wire conductors wrapped around a laminated steel core. When voltage is supplied to one coil, called the primary, it magnetizes the iron core. Then voltage is induced in the other coil called secondary winding thanks to this magnetization. The change of voltage ratio between the primary and secondary depends on the ratio of the turns in the two coils.

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Medium Voltage Cast Resin Transformer Production Values and Classes

Rated FrequencyHzDetermined upon request. (50Hz – 60Hz…)
Rated PowerkVAStandard up to 3150 kVA. (Transformer demands from 3.150kVA to 5.000kVA should be evaluated on a project basis.)
Rated Voltages
MV WindingskVUp to 36kV
LV WindingsVDetermined upon request.
Environmental ClassE0 / E1 / E2
Climate ClassC1/C2
Fire ClassF0/F1

The Advantages of Cast Resin Transformers

  • Cast resin transformers cannot explode because there is no transformer oil in their structure. Also, they have high resistance to short circuits and seismic
  • Cast resin insulation guarantees secure performance of the transformer with no need for complicated and costly maintenance. Using cooling fans can help increase their efficiency by mounting the fans at the bottom of the transformer.
  • The materials and components used in producing dry type transformers are absolutely inflammable and can be defined as self-extinguishing, which is why there is no need to use any fire protection system when they are placed in medium voltage rooms.

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