Battery Charger Units

November 8, 20220

Battery Charger Units

With developments in technology, power electronics are used more and more in the electrical sector and have become important for automation systems. It is used in all aspects within the electrical industry such as high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage, automation, or lighting systems. Medium voltage distribution substations need auxiliary voltage supply. Here is where battery charger units are used. It is a structure consisting of a semiconductor-based rectifier with battery group to change voltage from grid to auxiliary constant value which is useful for components in the system and storage in case the grid is off.

Battery charger units are mostly used with medium voltage switchgears. It supplies auxiliary voltage for some components in the switchgears such as breaker control motor, on-off coils, lighting lamps, signal lamps.  Range of input voltage can be from 220VAC to 400VAC and output voltage generally can be 24 VDC, 48 VDC or 110 VDC.

Batteries consist of a valve regulated lead–acid (VRLA) battery, commonly known as a sealed lead–acid (SLA) battery in accordance with TS 1352-3 EN 60896-22 / IEC 60896-22 standards. The nominal voltage of each battery is 12 VDC and nominal current capacity can vary between 7 and 150 Ah. Rectifiers are power electronic circuits which convert the voltage. They charge the batteries with a transformer and consisting of thyristor -controlled or IGBT/MOSFET-based high-frequency when the grid is on. In case the grid is off, the electrical energy stored in the batteries is transferred to the DC loads in the substation mentioned above.

Battery charger units are fixed in a metal-enclosed structure where batteries are located in the bottom part and control units are located in the top. The protection class of this enclosure can be IP20, IP22 or IP 40, IP50 or IP51 depending on the application.

The cooling method can be air-cooled natural circulation (AN) or thermostat -controlled ̈ air-cooled forced (fan) circulation (AF). Another important feature of battery rectifier groups is the communication system. Depending on the application, battery rectifier groups can be compatible with SCADA by having dry contacts and remote communication protocols

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