Low Voltage Contactors

Low voltage contactors play a crucial role in many electrical systems. They allow low voltage electrical circuits to control higher voltage circuits. How Do Contactors Work? Low voltage contactors work by using an electromagnet to control the flow of electricity. They act as a switch, allowing the power to be turned on and off as […]

Low Voltage Switch Disconnectors

Low voltage disconnectors are devices that protect electrical systems from low voltage conditions. They automatically disconnect a load when the voltage falls below a certain threshold, preventing damage to equipment and ensuring safe operation. How Do Low Voltage Disconnectors Work? Low voltage disconnectors work by monitoring the voltage of a circuit. When the voltage falls […]

Battery Charger Units

With developments in technology, power electronics are used more and more in the electrical sector and have become important for automation systems. It is used in all aspects within the electrical industry such as high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage, automation, or lighting systems. Medium voltage distribution substations need auxiliary voltage supply. Here is where […]

Reactive Power Control Relays

Why Do We Need Reactive Power? Nowadays, reactive power load in main grid systems is significantly increasing. Depending upon energy need, using of power transformers, transmission lines, generators, and electrical motors, lead to an increase in reactive power. That’s why controlling reactive power is important at the present time. Reactive power control relays also known […]

Cast Resin Transformers

What Are the Cast Resin Transformers? Cast resin transformers, known as dry type power transformers have windings encased in epoxy resin. This makes the installation process easier because there isn’t cooling oil in their structure. In addition, they do not need to be contained in a fire-proof vault. The layer of epoxy helps protect it […]

Motor Circuit Breakers

Motor Circuit Breakers; what are they? Motor circuit breakers are products that protect motors against phase-loss, short circuit and overcurrent with electromechanical protection elements that can automatically switch the circuit on and off. To determine a suitable Motor Circuit Breaker, it is essential to know the power, nominal current value and operating voltage of the […]

Low Voltage Surge Arresters

What Are Low Voltage Surge Arresters? Protection from lightning and instantaneous surge voltages has become very important for every facility. Especially in facilities such as factories, production stops due to instantaneous overvoltage impulse that causes serious equipment damages. Surge arresters are used to protect electrical systems against overvoltage impulses. The function of surge arresters is […]

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