Reactive Power Control Relays

Why Do We Need Reactive Power? Nowadays, reactive power load in main grid systems is significantly increasing. Depending upon energy need, using of power transformers, transmission lines, generators, and electrical motors, lead to an increase in reactive power. That’s why controlling reactive power is important at the present time. Reactive power control relays also known […]

Cast Resin Transformers

What Are the Cast Resin Transformers? Cast resin transformers, known as dry type power transformers have windings encased in epoxy resin. This makes the installation process easier because there isn’t cooling oil in their structure. In addition, they do not need to be contained in a fire-proof vault. The layer of epoxy helps protect it […]

Low Voltage Surge Arresters

What Are Low Voltage Surge Arresters? Protection from lightning and instantaneous surge voltages has become very important for every facility. Especially in facilities such as factories, production stops due to instantaneous overvoltage impulse that causes serious equipment damages. Surge arresters are used to protect electrical systems against overvoltage impulses. The function of surge arresters is […]

What are Miniature Circuit Breakers?

Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) are used where there is a need for electrical protection. They protect electrical devices such as buttons, relays etc. from overcurrent and short circuits faults. Automatic fuses automatically interrupt current when overcurrent passes through their contacts. There are many components inside MCBs such as switching mechanism, bi-metal opener, electromagnetic opener, main […]