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We are in cooperation with the world's leading companies in medium voltage transformers.
This makes us the leading supplier of transformers Turkey.
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Turkey's Leading
Companies in the Energy Sector

Vekmar Elektrik thanks to the power of the young and dynamic team with a structure that can take rapid decisions and action takes place in both a very prestigious projects in Turkey and the world with export more than 80 countries.

The organizations established by Vekmar Elektrik, have achieved numerous successes in the fields of Banking Centers, Port Projects, Bridges / Highways, Commercial Building and Hospital / Health Services, especially in Industrial facilities.

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Emilia Clarke
Kaan Sarıoğlu
ABB Genel Müdürü
Emilia Clarke
Kement Akdemir
Ulusoy Elektrik Genel Müdürü
Emilia Clarke
Göktuğ Gür
Philips Ortadoğu Bölge CEO’su
Emilia Clarke
Alper Vargel
Vice President Schneider Electric Gulf Countries
Emilia Clarke
Yılmaz Özcan
EATON Ülke Müdürü
Emilia Clarke
Turgut Çekiç
WAGO Genel Müdürü
Emilia Clarke
Süleyman Sırrı Özkılınç
HITACHI ABB Orta Doğu HUB Satış Müdürü
Emilia Clarke
Tayfun Yılmaz
OG Dağıtım Kanalı Satış Müdürü
Emilia Clarke
Ufuk Özgirgin
Elster Genel Müdürü
Emilia Clarke
Mehmet Bülbül
Meta Enerji Genel Müdürü
Emilia Clarke
Mustafa Kaçmaz
Mutlusan Elektrik Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı
Emilia Clarke
Enver Geçgel
Astor A.Ş Genel Müdürü
Emilia Clarke
Emre İdemen
İdeco Enerji Mühendislik Kurucu Ortağı
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